Saturday, 2 July 2011

Olympic Road Cycling - Types of Road Cycling

In short course: usually under "5 km/3.11 mi" mass start, called Circuit race.
In medium course: "5–10 km/3.11–6.21 mi" mass start, also known as the "Race of truth."
In long course: "usually over 60 km/37.28 mi" can be several laps or a single lap; mass start.
The first competitor to cross the finish line after completing the prescribed course is usually declared the winner. The biggest such road race is the Cape Argus Cycle Race in South Africa, with as many as 40 000 competitors, each of whom is individually timed, using electronic transponders.

Cycling Road started in late 19th century and debuted in 1896 Olympic in Athens. Road Cycling is governed by Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI). 2012 Olympic will witness Road Cycling being competed from 28th july to 1st August at The Mall, Hampton Court where 212 (145 men, 67 women) athletes are participating. Olympic Cycling Road Tickets are available at Sport Ticket Exchange for nominal prices.

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