Thursday, 15 December 2011

Road bicycle Participants - Teams:

Robobank Team Squad
The winner in this principle is the one who cross the line first among many riders in the group, usually with commercial sponsers. On professional and semi-professional teams, team names are typically synonymous with the primary sponsors. For example, Team Telekom, Rabobank, ONCE, Mapei and Lampre, are the well know teams in the previous thiry years. The size of the team varies, from three in an amateur event for club riders to a dozen in professional races. The race starts with a decision in a group that who fits for win and assign him a tough task. . The choice will depend on hills, the chances that the whole field will finish together in a sprint, and other factors. The rest of the team will devote itself to promoting its leader's chances, taking turns in the wind for him, refusing to chase with the peloton when he or she escapes, and so on.
In professional races, team coordination is much more important as the radio medium is used for intercommunication and with team director. who travels in a team car behind the race and monitors the overall situation.
ONCE Team Squad
In 1990, the use of radios was discussed amongst the cycling community, and it was suggested that a use of radio in race tactics devalued the tactical knowledge of the individual riders and the game became out of excitement. But in September 2009, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), the governing body of pro cycling, voted to phase in a ban on the use of team radios in men's elite road racing.

Cycling Road started in late 19th century and debuted in 1896 Olympic in Athens. Road Cycling is governed by Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI). 2012 Olympic will witness Road Cycling being competed from 28th july to 1st August at The Mall, Hampton Court where 212 (145 men, 67 women) athletes are participating. Olympic Cycling Road Tickets are available at Sport Ticket Exchange for nominal prices.

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