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Road bicycle Racing Types

Single-day races
  • Criterium – short course (usually under 5 km/3.11 mi); mass start
  • Circuit race – medium course (5–10 km/3.11–6.21 mi); mass start
  • Road race – long course (usually over 60 km/37.28 mi) can be several laps or a single lap. Can be a mass start event (Scratch Race) or a handicap.
  • Time trial – medium course (usually 20–50 km/12.43–31.07 mi); solo start. Also known as the "Race of truth."
The winner is the one who finishes first the prescribed course against his all competitors. Somehow in some one day races, competitors are individually timed, and the winner is the person who completes the race in the shortest time. The biggest such road race is the Cape Argus Cycle Race in South Africa, with as many as 40 000 competitors, each of whom is individually timed, using electronic transponders.
Race distance consists on below 200km. or above 200km. Courses may run from place to place or comprise one or more laps of a circuit; some courses combine both, i.e., taking the riders from a starting place and then finishing with several laps of a circuit (usually to ensure a good spectacle for spectators at the finish).Short circuits races as in town or city are called the Criteriums. And in Handicaps, are designed to match riders of different abilities and/or ages; groups of slower riders start first, with the fastest riders starting last and so having to race harder and faster to catch other competitors

Single-Day Nocturnal Races

Nocturnal (night) races are held in an attempt to bring in larger crowds. A good example of this is the Shropshire Star Newport Nocturne and Athens Twilight.

Stage Races

There are a few stages or sevral races in Stage races. The ridder is the winner or the General Classification of the overall who completes all the laps in minimum time. The winners got awards as a GC. or individual stage winners, the points classification winner, and the "King of the Mountains" (or mountains classification) winner.
A stage race may also consists on several or a series of road races and individual time trials. The stage winner is the first person to cross the finish line that day or the time trial rider (or team) with the lowest time on the course. The overall winner of a stage race is the rider who takes the lowest aggregate time to complete all stages (accordingly, a rider does not have to win all or any of the individual stages to win overall).

Ultra Marathon

Ultra Marathan races are long and single stage events and goes on for several days. RAAM (Race Across America), a coast-to-coast non-stop, single-stage race is a most famous race among all the races in Marathan in which the riders has to complete the course of 3000 miles in a week. The race is sanctioned by the Ultra Marathon Cycling Association (UMCA).

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